Maryland Society of Mayflower Descendants Scholarship Program

Our Mission

“The Scholarship Committee serves as the connection between the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Maryland and the applicants to and recipients of its college scholarship awards. The fundamental purpose of these awards is to support students in their academic pursuits and promote better knowledge and awareness about the story of the Pilgrims, and the preservation of that historical heritage.”

Our Vision

Through this scholarship program, students will feel a stronger connection to their ancestral ties to the passengers of the Mayflower and the legacy that connects the generations.

The Award

Up to $2,500 with more than one scholarship awarded, depending on availability of funding. The award monies must be used for tuition, fees, and/or textbooks. The Society’s Scholarship award decisions are final.

Eligibility and Requirements

The Applicant

  1. Must be a Member in good standing, Junior Member, or have direct lineage connection to a member of the Maryland Society. Applicants must be able to describe their lineage to at least one Mayflower Pilgrim (see to-do list).

  2. Must have applied to be or is a full-time student. This must be documented.

  3. Must attend a U.S.-based two- or four-year college or university undergraduate program, trade schools, or other institutions of undergraduate higher learning. Equivalent foreign institutions of higher education will be considered under special circumstances, which should be explained. Students in Graduate or Post-Graduate programs are not eligible

Scholarship Application Instructions List Academic Year: 2020 - 2021

To-Do-List - The Applicant Must:

  1. Provide a flowchart that shows the candidate’s lineage to at least one Mayflower Pilgrim.
  2. Sign the application and complete all portions of the document, or explain why a portion is not pertinent.
  3. Demonstrate intended or existing full-time student status at the eligible institution.
  4. Submit unofficial copies of their SAT and/or ACT scores with the scholarship application, if available. Individuals who have been away from school for three years or more are not expected to have these documents. Explain your circumstances if these scores are not available.
  5. Provide unofficial academic transcripts for the prior two academic years, unless the applicant has been away from school for more than three years.
  6. Provide two letters of reference from non-relatives.
  7. Agree to provide or pose for a photograph which may be used to publicize the Society’s scholarship program or the specific award. A photo release form must be provided. That form must be signed by a parent/guardian if the applicant is younger than 18 years old.
  8. Submit financial account information at the educational institution to which award check(s) are to be submitted. Scholarship funds must be used for tuition, fees, and/or books. Awards may be made directly to the scholarship recipient in special circumstances, which must be justified to the satisfaction of the State society.
  9. Be available for an interview in the Baltimore area during May or September timeframes. This interview may be conducted in person or by teleconference.
  10. The Society reserves the following rule for scholarship awards at $2000 each or higher, if offered: The applicant must submit unofficial transcripts at the end of each term/semester to be entitled to any remaining portion of the scholarship award. Higher value awards will be disbursed in two installments.

Key Dates

The deadline for receipt of applications is: 

a. March 19, 2021, for fall 2021 awards

b. August 20, 2021, for spring 2022 awards.

Applicants and scholarship recipients will be notified by: 

c. June 1, 2021, for fall 2021 awards.

d. November 1, 2021, for spring 2022 awards.


Additional information is available from the Scholarship Committee Chair by writing to [email protected]. Applications for the scholarship may also be mailed to the address at the top of that form.


The application forms and attachments of the scholarship recipient(s) and up to two runners-up may be held for three years by the scholarship committee chair. All other applicant packages will be destroyed.

Additional scholarship opportunities are offered by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.  Details about these is available at

Please Download The Application Packet Below

Please return on January 5th when the scholarship application will be posted.

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