We welcome volunteers!  Please consider filling one of the vacant existing positions, or please consider describing a new for the board to consider.  For example, perhaps you have ideas about how to spread awareness about our Pilgrim ancestors.  In all cases, please email one of your board members in order to set your idea into motion.

Volunteer Positions Available. 

Merchandise Shipping Coordinator– The Maryland Society has several items that are sold at both the Spring Dinner and Compact Dinner, as well as on our website. These items include but are not limited to, coins, t-shirts, artwork, and notecards.

·  Receive online orders from the website and ship these orders to our members.

· Keep an inventory on an Inventory Log that has been set up by the Treasurer.

· Notify the Treasurer if we are running low on items that need restocking.

· Provide a Mid-Year Report and an End of the Year Report, to the Treasurer. Templates are already prepared, data entry is required.

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Free Shipping

We are EXCITED about our 400th Anniversary Celebrations in 2020 and 2021! We are offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on Maryland Mayflower Society merchandise.