400th Year Anniversary

Next year, 2020 will be upon us, marking the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower and the founding of Plymouth Colony. This is an exciting opportunity for GSMD to commemorate our Pilgrim ancestors and to share their inspirational story with the world!

To do this we will need to spread awareness by attending local events around the state of 

Maryland. We will also be making a contribution along with many other State Societies to help decorate  the GSMD with a painting that the thousands that visit for the 2020 Celebration will be able to see. 

Some of the events that are currently in the works are a parade and we are working on trying to put together publicity events. Brochures, posters, promotional events, and registration fees will all be necessary to help pay for these events. At these happenings, members of our society will dress in Pilgrim Period Appropriate Attire. We hope to recruit more members in this process. 

Our 41st Congress in 2017 and the GBOA Meeting 2018 both gave Member Societies the opportunity to share ideas. Many of the State Member Societies have projects underway for 2020.

Dr. James Battles, our Deputy Governor General, has been instrumental in putting together a major project named Pilgrims meets the Arts. Historic artist, Pamela Patrick White, has been commissioned to paint the story of the first encounter of the Pilgrims and Native Americans entitled Welcome Englishman. The completed original painting is to be donated is to be donated to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. The painting will be displayed in a suitable location chosen by the GSMD in time for the 2020 festivities. This was voted on by our Board in 2016 and the painting will be ready in the coming months. Your contribution will also help pay for this artwork.  

To learn more about this opportunity visit this link.

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