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The General Society of Mayflower Descendants maintains a Website at (URL - http://www.themayflowersociety.com) This site provides general information about the Society, offers a highly detailed study guide for teachers and students on the Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony, and lists contact information for all the State Mayflower Societies.

The Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Association Maintains a Website at (URL - http://www.pilgrimfathersorigins.org) Celebrates and brings together the heritage of the original Separatists in England and the Pilgrim Fathers who settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Plimoth Plantation.  "Plimoth-on-Web" is the name of the Website of Plimoth Plantation at Plymouth, MA. This Web site at (URL - http://www.plimoth.org) offers a wealth of information about the Museum and its Library, and offers a "virtual tour" of the Crafts Center, the 1627 Pilgrim village, Hobbamock's home, etc.

Thru the Looking Glass.  Maintains a Website at (URL - http://www.mayflowerfamilies.com) provides ship's information, genealogies, and rare books written by the Pilgrims, such as Mourt's Relation and Gov. William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation, as well as Pilgrims' letters and other writings. 

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers. Maintains a Website at (URL- http://www.bibliomania.com/2/1/60/107/20815/1.html). It offers the full text of Nathaniel Morton's New England's Memorial (1669); Robert Cushman's Discourse; John Smith's New England's Trials; Edward Winslow's Relation; and Winslow's Brief Narration (or Appendix to Hypocrisie Unmasked -1646). 

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony 1620.  Maintains a Website at (URL - http://www.rootsweb.com/~mosmd/) and presents the most recent, updated version of Duane Cline's history of the Pilgrims. This website consists of over 50 web pages and 50 drawings interwoven.

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